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“Les Mains, les Pieds et la Tête Aussi” (Compagnie Mpta) (France) 
Design Concept – MATHURIN BOLZE
Created by and with: Anahi De Las Cuevas, Julie Tavert, Johan Caussin, Frédéri Vernier, Corentin Diana, Andres Labarca, Mathurin Bolze
Playwright – Samuel Vittoz
Set design – Goury
Stage machinery and Stage management – Nicolas Julliand
Musical composition – Camel Zekri
Soundtrack design – Jérôme Fèvre
Lighting design – Rodolphe Martin
Video design – Wilfrid Haberey
Costume design – Fabrice Ilia Leroy

If you are troubled with the question “Why don’t people fly?”, you can relax. They do. The actors of the company called “Les Mains, les Pieds et la Tête Aussi” (Compagnie Mpta) seem to have more difficulty in walking about than soaring in the air.

For nearly twenty years the acrobat and director Mathurin Bolze has been creating marvellous shows, always stunning the public with his skills and fantasy. He is known for his rare talent of extracting countless screenplays from any object. Even the most unexciting ordinary things – a rope, a chair, a curtain, or a vacuum cleaner – can stimulate his imagination, and you will be amazed how much a person is able to do.

However, mind-blowing stunts are not an end in itself for Bolze. The artist is taken with the problems of this world. He describes his show as “a journey into the heart of our time” in order to “perceive its most important challenges”. This is possibly worth a take-off to the sky. As Oscar Wilde wrote, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

“You won’t see any ruins on our stage, on the contrary, you will see a construction site which gives hope, a site for creation, for movement in time, for future solidarity. You’ll see the flight of poetry and acrobatic flights gracefully enacted in airless space”.

Mathurin Bolze

July 14, 15, 16, 17
Mossovet Theatre
1 hour 15 minutes without intermission
Supported by:
Embassy of France in Russia Institut Français