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Noism Company Niigata RYUTOPIA Residential Dance Company (Niigata, Japan)
Choreography and Direction – JO KANAMORI
“The body of a contemporary dancer should be able to represent the Japanese tradition. (…) To represent is to grasp something which remains constant in successive periods. It is an echo of sounds that slip away, shadows of objects that disappear. I am convinced that this is the very essence, the real worth of instantaneous art – dance and music”. “The fallen leaves lie in an autumn orchard, unprotected from cold piercing winds. Naked trees, standing pillar-like side by side, seem to lament their lost foliage, but they bravely resist the onslaught of these cold winds. A sunny ray bursts forth from the cloudy sky, lighting up the trunks, which cast their shadows in the orchard”. When I imagined this landscape to myself, it suddenly occurred to me: “Everything that we see now is but a shadow of passing time”. Jo Kanamori 

November 18, 19, 20
Mossovet Theatre