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The International Confederation of Theatre Unions is an international non-governmental creative association of theatre unions from different countries, a non-commercial cultural body.

The International Confederation of Theatre Unions took shape during the global changes which followed the collapse of the USSR. In the difficult period of the early 90s, even though the former country was longer there, some theatre figures decided to transform the Union of Theatre Workers (UTW) of the USSR into a new organisation, the International Confederation of Theatre Unions (ICTU), and consequently to preserve the common theatre space of the former Soviet republics, which by then became independent. The Chekhov International Theatre Festival, founded by the Confederation, certainly contributed to this process.

The ICTU began to function in February 1992, when at the final congress of the UTW of the USSR, and the inaugural meeting of the new public association, it was decided to form the International Confederation of Theatre Unions as the legal successor to the Soviet UTW. K.Yu. Lavrov was elected first President of the ICTU, and O.N. Yefremov became Vice President. V.I. Shadrin headed all the organising work of the Confederation, and was later elected President of the ICTU. Valery Shadrin was in charge of a noble cause, and knew how to establish not just business contacts, but friendly relations with his partners.  His achievements were highly appreciated by both the Russian government and those of other nations. Valery Shadrin was a great theatre missionary, leaving to us a unique legacy which looks forward to the future.

On 31 January 2023 a session of the Council of directors and the Meeting of representatives of the International Confederation of Theatre Unions was held. As a result, Mikhail Shvydkoi was unanimously elected President of the International Confederation of Theatre Unions, while Karina Tsaturova became its Vice President. Vladimir Pankov is currently a deputy of the President of the International Confederation of Theatre Unions, responsible for creative issues.

The supreme governing body of the ICTU is the Assembly of representatives of theatre associations as members of the ICTU. Between the Assemblies of representatives, the ICTU is run by the Council of Directors, which is formed by the Assembly of representatives for a four-year term.

The International Confederation of Theatre Unions has entered the 21st century with the same goal of preserving the common cultural space on the territory of those countries whose theatre organisations are members of the ICTU. On the other hand, it is necessary to take all measures to stimulate the incorporation of these countries into the global theatre process, which is more readily achieved in collaboration with the Chekhov International Theatre Festival.

In May 2005 the heads of the CIS states signed the Declaration on humanitarian co-operation, and supported the idea of holding the forums of creative intelligentsia. The ICTU was one of the forces behind the Forum, and was among the organisers of the inaugural meeting which took place in Moscow on 23 August 2005. Its participants were some eminent figures in culture, art, education and science from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The ICTU was represented by renowned actors, directors and heads of theatres. In spring of 2006 Moscow hosted the First Forum of the creative and scientific intelligentsia of CIS members.

In accordance with the decisions of the First Forum, the Inter-State Foundation for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS Members (IFHC) was established, and began its activities. The Confederation is in close contact with the Foundation, which has already largely contributed to several international theatre projects, including such productions as «The Marriage» (2009), «I am a seagull» (2010), staged for the 150th anniversary of Anton Chekhov, «The Demon» (2016); the Laboratory of young directors, which is being held during the Chekhov Festival; and I, II, III and IV Youth Theatre Forums of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Baltics and Georgia (Kishinev, Moldova 2012, Minsk, Belarus 2015, Yerevan, Armenia 2018, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 2021). 

Members of the International Union of Public Associations "International Confederation of Theatre Associations”

Union of Theatremakers of Azerbaijan

Provisional chairman - Ismailov Haji Majid oglu
Public organisation “Union of Theatremakers” of Republic of Armenia Chairman - Kasanchyan Akop
Public association “Belarusian Union of Theatremakers”
Chairman - Veronika Yarmolinskaya
Creative Union - Theatre society of Georgia Chairman - Gegechkori Georgy
Regional public Association “Union of Theatremakers of Kazakhstan”
Chairman - Djamankulov Tungishbay
Public Association “Union of Theatremakers” of Republic of Kyrgyzstan
President - Ormushov Talent
Public Association “Theatre Union of Moldova”
Chairman - Greku Alexander
All-Russian public organisation “Union of Theatremakers of Russian Federation”
Chairman - Mashkov Vladimir
Union of Theatremakers of Republic of Tajikistan Chairman - Mirzoev Sukhrob
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Uzbekistan  Minister of Culture - Sayfullayev Baxtiyor 
The Regional Public Foundation of Chekhov International Theatre Festival Support
President of the Foundation - Declan Donnellan