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Robert Lepage


Company Ex Machina

Presented in French with Russian subtitles

Written, Designed, Directed and Performed By Robert Lepage
Creative Direction and Design Steve Blanchet
Dramaturg Peder Bjurman
Composer and Sound Designer Jean-Sebastien Cote
Lighting Designer Laurent Routhier
Image Designer Felix Fradet-Faguy
Associate Set Designer Sylvain Decarie
Associate Properties Designer Ariane Sauve
Associate Costumes Designer Jeanne Lapierre
... there is plenty of me in this production. Autobiographic as it is, it is still essentially a work of art... It is reality but organized in such a manner as to turn it into theatre and into poetry. My own childhood and adolescence at 887, Murray Street in a small town in Quebec coincided with the time when the francophone Canadians engaged in the active phase of the movement for self-identification. In this work I wanted to show how the history of my green years interwove with the history of the society striving to achieve self-awareness and self-identification. <...>
I always try to balance up “history” with small “h” and “History” with capital “H”, because one is related to the other. I want the audience to enter the big theme through a small door. The only chance for theatre to survive today is to try and each time create an event.
From Robert Lepage's interview for Monde

July 4,5,6,7
Theatre of Nations (Main Stage)
2 h without intermission