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A Play Without a Title

A Play Without a Title
A Play Without a Title
Adapted and directed:By Lev Dodin
Sets Designed:By Alexei Porai-Koshid
Costumes Designed:By Irina Tsvetkova
Lighting Designed:By Oleg Kozlov
Cast:Tatiana Shestakova (Voinitseva), Oleg Dmitriev (Voinitsev), Irina Tychinina (Sofia Yegorovna), Sergei Kuryshev (Platonov), Maria Nikiforova, Natalia Kalinina(Sasha), Igor Ivanov, Arkady Koval (Glagoliev).

The Maly Drama Theatre is perhaps the most popular theatre in St.Petersburg and the most «cosmopolitan» theatre in Russia. It is a theatre, demonstrating the power of Lev Dodin’s talent as an artistic director, as well as the vitality of the traditional Russian school of acting. The boldness of the director's creative ideas rests on the firm foundation of the brilliant cast.

Lev Dodin is an excellent director and the author of many highly successful plays. He is a recipient of numerous national and foreign awards. Dodin’s major productions are Brothers and Sisters after F.Abramov, The Devils after Dostoyevsky, Gaudeamus after S.Kaledin, and two plays by Chekhov - The Cherry Orchard and the recently opened A Play Without a Title.

Roman Dolzhansky, Commersant Daily

His experience of that nearly cinematographic editing that Dodin gained in his Claustrophobia and Gaudeamus came in more useful in this production than the «slow-reading» method he used in The Devils. The sequence of disjointed scenes, some of which are too voluble, while others seem somewhat unfinished, must have reminded the director of the 'uneven' structure of jazz improvisations. This «jazz-like» treatment of Chekhov is perceived as a genuine discovery: until now his plays were set either to classical melodies or to atonal absurdist explosions.

Tatiana Marchenko, Kultura

L.Dodin has staged a tragic, very modern and brilliantly theatrical performance, which is probably the most powerful and most harmonious production of the theatre in the past few years, a kind of its artistic confession.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 May
Moscow Chekhov Art Theatre