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One-act ballets

Choreography Nacho Duato
Music Arcangelo Corelli (Concerti Grossi Op. 6) And Alessandro Scarlatti (Il Primo Omicidio)
Sets Nacho Duato
Costumes Nacho Duato (in Collaboration With Ismael Aznar)
Lighting Design Brad Fields

First night – May, 31 2000, Madrid

Inventive and Elegant

Arcángelo (Archangel), another harmonious creation, illustrates with a succession of different duets concerti grossi de Corelli (…) The choreographer also offers something that is very rare in our times: love duets that evoke sweetness and peace.
Le Figaro

When the protagonist is dance. Duato and the world of the past

Arcángelo, with music by Corelli, and Ofrenda de Sombras, which also uses old music styles in a fascinating and superficial electronic collage (…), lend continuity and also magnificence to a “duatan” line that has obtained, or that must obtain, universal recognition.
El Punto de las Artes
Archangelo is a choreographic meditation on the meaning of Heaven and Hell. It is based on the delightful music of Concerti Grossi by Italian composer Archangelo Corelli and the final part contains an aria from Scarlatti’s Il Primo Omicido. All Duato’s adagios and lentos are deliberately arranged in the order that differs from the original. The ballet speaks about the quest for freedom through death as death is the main path that leads us to Heaven where we shall finally come to be free.
July 13, 14, 15, 16
Mossovet Theatre
28 min