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Director Mindaugas Karbauskis
Set Design Maria Mitrofanova
Costume Design Svetlana Kalinina
Light Sergei Skometsky
Music Boris Smirnov
Assistant director Svetlana Petrova
Cast Evdokiya Germanova, Sergei Beliaev, Alexei Usoltsev. Andrei Savostianov, Alexander Skotnikov, Lina Mirimskaya, Alexander Yatsenko, Polina Medvedeva, Mikhail Khomiakov, Yana Yasipovich, Julia Polynskaya, Pavel Ilyin, Alexander Vorobiev, Roman Kuznechenko, Alexei Zolotnitsky. Elena Tsapko
The eternal appears through everyday life, which every second finds itself in the eternal. This had to be directed with subtlety, and acted with no less subtlety. The actors of the 'Tabakerka' (Snuffbox)[as Tabakov's Theatre is called] are magnificent: they are all on the same level, though all differently.
Russkii kurier
...a certain absurdity of the events is already present in Faulkner, as is a dose of irony, but they are dissolved in oppressing naturalistic details. The latter are rejected by Karbauskis outright, while the absurdity is raised to such level that the terrible turns ridiculous. ... There is no blasphemy here, because the situation is raised to a level above the everyday.

June 30
Tabakov Studio Theatre