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William Shakespeare

As you like it

As you like it
As you like it
Director: Alexander Koruchekov
Dance: Oleg Glushkov
Light: Evgeni Vinogradov (moscow Art Theatre School, Workshop D.ismagilov)
Mikhail Vladimirov Jr has taught himself to play the harmonium
Cast: Oleg Yumov. Pavel Zobnin, Grigori Sluzhitel. Tikhon Kotrelev, Maxim Liutikov. Daniel Bezsonov, Yuri Shibanov, Alexander Lutoshkin, Sergei Pimiak. Alexander Oblasov. Sergei Abroskin, Andrei Shibarshin, Alexei Vertkov, Anna Rud, Maria Shashlova, Olga Kalashnikova / Tatiana Volkova, Anastasia Imamova (directing), Miriam Sehon, Tatiana Vasilkina

Alexander Koruchekov was born in 1968. In 1992 he graduated from the acting department of the Shchukin Theatre High School (course of Yuri Avsharov). He acted at the Moscow Satirikon Theatre and the Petersburg BDT. Among his roles are: Romeo (Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet'), Don Baker ('Butterflies Are Free’ by L. Gersh), Titta Nane ('The Squabbles of Chioggia' by Carlo Goldoni), all directed by K. Raikin; Maxim ('The Servants and the Snow' by Iris Murdoch, dir. E. Nevezhina), Messenger (Anouilh's 'Antigone', dir. T. Chkheidze). In 2001 he enrolled at the directors’ department of RATI on Sergei Zhenovach’s course. During his study he worked on fragments from Russian fairy tales, on Shakespeare, Ostrovsky, Dostoevsky and Moliere.

'As You Like It' emerged from one of these excerpts as the diploma production, which participated in the festival “Russia’s Young Theatres” in Omsk.⁠

July 2
Education Theatre, GITIS