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Atlante Urbano Occidentale (Occidental Urban Atlas)

Atlante Urbano Occidentale (Occidental Urban Atlas)

Atlante Urbano Occidentale (Occidental Urban Atlas)
Atlante Urbano Occidentale (Occidental Urban Atlas)
Direction and Set Design Barbara Chinelli, Franco Quartieri
Choreographer Barbara Chinelli
Shadow Images Barbara Chinelli, Franco Quartieri
Original Music and Light Design Franco Quartieri
Text Federico Moro
Cast Massimo Albarello, Barbara Chiinelll, Franco Quartieri

Franco Quartieri worked at various levels with the Italian company Teatro Joco Vita which saw him on stage for many years as an actor of shadow play, as creator and designer of light effects, and also of scenic sound materials, for which he found a musical embodiment. Besides, he assisted with productions in which A. Amodio, M. Scaparro, E. Marcucci, E. Ludzali, T. Conte participated. He was also the organizer of various youth events and performances.

Barbara Chinelli's path of studying dance is marked by such masters as Lindsey Kemp, Moses Pendleton, Hal Yamanouchi, Carolyn Carlson. Since 1992 she has conducted research work both in the field of technical improvement and in the field of choreographic and theatrical composition, aimed at the perfection of the artistic gesture and the merger of a variety of languages (symbiosis of movement, music, image, word). Fr om 1997 to 2000 she was engaged by the Italian company Teatro Joco Vita as a dancer, actress and participant of shadow play in the performances ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’, (F. Montecchi’s production), The Nutcracker' (A. Amodio's production) and 'The Child and Magic' (M. Scaparro’s production).

The company 'Macchinazioni teatrali' has emerged in 2000 with the aim to promote a cultural project by means of scenic art: music, dance, visual and verbal theatre. This project brings together the results of the long creative search of Franco Quartieri, the creator and designer of the original lighting designs and sound recordings wh ere the author performs, and barbara Chinelli, dancer and actress, who for a long time was engaged in research and the development of dance-theatre compositions as an alloy of various genres (movement - music - image - word). Among the productions of the troupe, apart from the performance ‘Occidental Urban Atlas’, which premiered in Turin in 2002, are an opera for children ‘Brundibar’, and in cooperation with the Portuguese theatre troupe Balieteatro the show 'The Star of the Desert’, which premiered in Portugal in Porto in 2002.

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