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Bremen Freedom (Bremer Freiheit)
Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Bremen Freedom (Bremer Freiheit)

Bremen Freedom (Bremer Freiheit)
Bremen Freedom (Bremer Freiheit)
Director Jacqueline Kornmueller
Set and Costume Design Herbert Murauer
Music Uli Buehl
Cast Juliane Koren, Hedi Kriegeskotte, Elke Twiesselmann, Rainer Bock, Klaus Hemmerle, Helmut Lorin, Sebastian Ruehrle, Elmar Roloff, Michael Stiller, Klaus Weiss, Peter Wolf

Jacqueline Kornmueller was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1961. From 1981-1985 she studied History of Art, German Literature and Philosophy at Munich University. From 1986-89 she studied acting at the Folkwang School in Essen. Between 1990-98 she worked at the Cologne Theatre. Currently she works as director at Staatstheater Stuttgart on the invitation of Friedrich Schirmer. Productions: "Knives in Hens" by D. Harrower (Cologne Theatre), "The Round Dance" by Arthur Schnitzler, "Faith, Love, Hope" by 0. von Horvath, "Nora" by H. Ibsen (Luebeck Theatre), "Wienerwald Tales' by 0. von Horvath, "The Night just Before the Forests" B.-M. Koltes, "Three Sisters" by A. Chekhov, "Yerma" by F.G. Lorca (Staatstheater Stuttgart).

In the production of the Staatstheater Stuttgart Hedi Kriegeskotte removed the traditional cliches from the character of Geesche and presented this story as the victory of reason over the body. The way in which she does this is impressive. It is impressive how she draws the image of a woman who degrades to a servant of her own husband and, having already sunk into the bog of deepest humiliation (or maybe for this very reason), thirsts for the body of her abhorrent husband and searches for it. This is how the director Jacqueline Kornmueller sees the image of Kriegeskotte’s heroine in her version of the play. In her first work at the Stuttgart Theatre she is concerned, above all, with Geesche’s self-reflexive consciousness and demonstrates through this image how lightly and sensitively she can model the slightest emotional feature
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may 30, 31
Gorky Moscow Arts Theatre