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Artistic Concept Pep Bou Together With Luis Bevia
Director Pep Bou
Musical arrangement Ferran Martines Polou
Costume Design Andreu Sanches
Light and Sound Toni Ubach, Philippe Canu
Photos Robert Ramos

Pep Воu has appeared on stage as professional actor in second half of the 1970s as mime and character actor. Before he had worked as architect and was interested in plastic visual arts. In 1982 he created his own theatre (Theatre of Soap Bubbles). Before he had been a founding member of several troupes (Pa de Ral, La Vu Vu Theatre). Among his performances: ‘Sabo, Sabo', ‘Ambrosia’, etc. ‘Bufaplanetes’ is the best known performance of Bou, which was showered with prizes and awards in France, Germany and Spain, having taken part in almost 80 festivals all over the world.

Pep Bou is artful, entertaining and blows soap bubbles. Though not completely ancient bubbles. These are huge bubbles, or bubbles filled with cigarette smoke and finally bubbles painted in fine colors. Not at all what you see on birthdays
Evening Post
It is very pleasant to understand that the arrival of the small clown from Catalonia who does not say a single word, with his set of the most usual means, has confirmed that the imagination, intuition and the creative approach can today be as valuable as any futurological combination. And also he showed how pleasant it is to dream
II Giornale

june 08, 09, 10, 11, 12
Hermitage Theatre