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The Photographer, Insside Othello, Lorca's Light

The Photographer, Insside Othello, Lorca's Light

"Caixa de Imagens" Individual Theatre (San Paolo, Brazil)
Concept and Direction: Monica Simoes, Evelyn Cristina, Carlos Gaucho

«Caixa de Imagens» is something greater than a simple box with puppets. It is a small Island of completely unusual emotions. Therefore, he who dares glance into this box will Immediately sense the extraordinariness of the event. In front of us we have a spectacle created exclusively for the one and only spectator. Only he hears, sees and sympathizes with what occurs in the box. And although he cannot change the outcome of the story, he feels like a direct participant. Directly opposing Itself to the principles of mass art prevailing today, «Caixa de Imagens» embodies the ideal of a mini-theatre where the images are directed at the feelings and emotions of each person individually and separately.

July 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,11,12
Mossovet Theater and Pushkin theatre