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Dance piece by Goyo Montero

Nuremberg Ballet (Germany)
Music Sergei Prokofiev
Director and Choreographer Goyo Montero
Set Design Verena Hemmerlein, Goyo Montero
Costumes Angelo Alberto, Goyo Montero
Lighting Design Olaf Lundt, Goyo Montero
Goyo Montero’s new interpretation succeeds in keeping the tension until the end, it stays breath-taking and monumental. A «Cinderella» one can just enjoy, without unnecessary emotional weight and without the famous shoe.
BR Klassik
As it has been it is still not possible to put into words the power, magic and the unique of a Montero-production. Maybe the only thing one can say is the work of magician Goyo Montero leaves one filled with wonder...
The term phenonemal can not transmit the elegance and wit with which he brings his characters on stage. What word should finally describe Sayaka Kado, the „hero» of the evening, who jumps on her part with incredible verve, vulnerability and the power of an existence degraded as mental — making the audience forget that it is «only» a part she performs. Maybe three words are yet enough to describe Sayaka Kado and with her the total production: A-Dor-Able.
Der Opernfreund
Because of its emotional intensity and the strong, powerful images the Nuremberg choreography is well worth seeing!

1 video
Jule 6, 7, 8, 9
Mossovet Theatre
2h with intermission