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Concept and Artistic Direction Seung Whan Song
Music Dong Jun Lee
Cast Won Hae Kim, Ji Won Kang, Soon Kee Yang, Youg Xoon Kim, Seung Soo You, Young Ran Bae, In Lyung Hwang, Young Ran Bae

Three crazy chefs and their hooligan assistant receive the order to prepare at very short notice snacks for a magnificent wedding banquet. Looking at how the authoritative master Dee tries to keep control over the preparation, the spectator feels the haste and sees in it something comical. Instead of working, the cooks start to relax and create a hellish spectacle with their percussions. Traditional instruments are here replaced by diverse drums adapted from kitchen utensils. Alternating the cooking preparation with rhythmic game and fun, and mixing good-natured jokes with a playful rage, the cooks create an atmosphere of jokes and fun, which it is completely impossible to resist, and the spectators start to participate in the performance.

Seung Whan Song was born in 1957. He is a well- known Korean actor and director, who began his creative career when he was eight years old. He was a child prodigy. He never studied at any theatre school. In college he specialized in the Arabic language and literature. Seung Whan Song is a star of Korean cinema, theatre and television. Since 1968 he has acted in film, works on television and for radio. Among his most well-known works: ‘People from the Village of Cranes', 'The Empire of Eternity', ‘Equus’ by Peter Shaffer, for which he received the prize «Paek Sang» as best actor. In 1976 he became a co-founder of Th'eatre-76 and headed Movement of Small Theatres to raise the interest of Koreans in theatre. He is the winner of numerous prizes and awards for his work as manager and producer, including the prize «Best Actor of 2000». The premiere of Seung Whan Song's latest production 'UFO' was held in the autumn of 2002.

Аn explosion that unites the energy of rhythm with boiling acrobatic energy
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А percussive symphony of flying food and sparkling blades
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Pushkin Theatre
May 27-31/June 1