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Country of Love

Directed By Konstantin Raikin
Set Design Boris Valuev
Costumes Alla Kozhenkova, Evgeniya Panfilova
Music Valeri Chernyshev
Cast Elena Kutyreva, Alena Razzhivina, Elena Bereznova and Julia Popova, Konstantin Tretiakov. Artem Osipov. Ekaterina Grosheva, Georgi Lezhava, Sergei Kuzkin, Alexei Bardukov, Artem Chilek, Sergei Sotnikov, Marina Drovosekova, Julia Melnikova, Yana Davidenko, Anton Egorov, Michael Whiton. Alexander Gunkin, Valeri Zaitsev, Anna Zdor, Julia Popova, Alexandra Shidlovskaya

Konstantin Raikin was born in 1950. In 1971 he graduated fr om the Shchukin Theatre School. From 1971- 1981 he acted at the Sovremennik Theatre, wh ere he played 38 roles, among them 15 lead roles ( Valentine and Valentina' by M. Roshchin, 'Etudes on Hamlet' based on Shakespeare. 'Monument' by E. Vetemaa, ’Fartyaeva's Fantasies' by A.Sokolova. Lorenzaccio’ by A. de Musset, The Cabal of Hypocrites' by Bulgakov, etc.). In 1981 he moved to the Miniature Theatre, run under the management of Arkadi Raikin (now the Satirikon Theatre named after Raikin). Since 1988 he has been the artistic director of this theatre. He has played lead roles at this theatre, in Genet's The Maids’, Rostand’s ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’, Crommelynck’s The Magnanimous Cuckold', Kafka's Metamorphosis’. Brecht's The Threepenny Opera’, Kundera’s ‘Jacques and his Patron’, Shakespeare's 'Hamlet’. Patrick Susskind’s Contrabass’, Goldoni’s 'Seignior Todero brontolon', and Shakespeare's ‘Richard III’. He has directed Kipling's 'Mowgli'. Gersh's 'Butterflies are Free’, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’, Goldoni’s The Chioggian Squabbles'. 'Quartet’ based on Moliere, and Ostrovsky's 'A Profitable Place and The Country of Love'. He is “People’s Actor" of Russia, the winner of State Prizes etc.

The production is graceful, ironic, poetical, and light. The title The Country of Love' is not crafty ... the Empire of Berendei, the fairy-tale's ruler, has for Raikin turned into a country of love. To speak about passion, desire, a broken heart, Platonic love, unreciprocated love and easy flirtation, as this performance does, is not something that our theatres do often... The actors are all very young, they are almost children, students taught by Konstantin Raikin ...In 'The Country of Love' the exchange of energy between stage and audience can be felt physically, as if this exchange itself had become the accomplice of the stage action.
Stolichny stil

June 3, 8, 11
Satirikon Theatre (named after Arkadi Raikin)