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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
Choreography  LIN HWAI-MIN 
Music QU Xiao-song (commissioned by Quanta Culture & Education Foundation)
Set and Image Design Lin Keh-hua
Ligthing Design Chang Tsan-tao
Costume Design Lin Ching-ju
Commission National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, R.O.C.
Co-Commission    Auditorium Theatre Council, Chicago and  Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa 
Dancers CHOU Chang-ning, HUANG Pei-hua, LEE Ching-chun, TSAI Ming-yuan, CHIU I-wen, 
LIN Chiao- iang, SU I-ping, SUNG Chao-chiun, WANG Chih-hao, WEN Ching-ching, 
YANG I-chun, CHOU Wei-ping, KO Wan-chun, LIN Tzu-chun, LIU Hui-ling, SHEN Yi-wen, WONG Lap-cheong, YU Chien-hung, HOU Tang-li, HUANG Mei-ya, LIN Hsin-fang,
Apprentice - LEE Tzu-chun

Premiere — December 1, 2001, National Theatre (Taipei, Taiwan)

In the bodies of his dancers, flesh and spirit melt together, inextricably woven together in their gestures. Both flesh and spirit are lifted up and appear only as immaterial reflexes in a transcendental power. This knowledge and ability lifts Lin above many of his contemporaries.
«Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung»
Dancers' bodies resembled calligraphy in motion, and calligraphic patterns looked ready to dance. Dancing and calligraphy merged here into a single art of motion. Yet a knowledge of foreign languages was not necessary to understand them. Cursive affirmed the glory of beauty itself
«The New York Times»
"Cursive", the breathtaking, perception-altering work... is a masterpiece of form and feeling.
Building brilliantly on one of the most ancient and important visual arts of the East, it digs deep into the essence of calligraphy and comes up with a gorgeous equivalent of this art form in both movement and music.
In the process, something altogether new and stunningly modern emerges.
The 19 dancers of the Cloud Gate company possess a control and articulation that verge on the superhuman. These are performers who can make stillness every bit as eloquent as animation. In fact, they have the power to change your metabolism
«Chicago Sun-Times» 
June 3, 4, 5
Maly Theatre
1 h 10 min without intermission