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Darkness Poomba

Modern Table Contemporary Dance Company (Korea)

Darkness Poomba
Darkness Poomba
Artistic Director, Choreographer and one of the Performers Kim Jae-Duk
Lightning Designer Lee Jang-Han
Performers Jeong Seung Joon (korean traditional vocal), Lee Jung In, Lee Pil Seung, Kim Lae Hyuk, Han Tae Jun, Lee Un Gi, Hwang Chang Hwan, Lee Tae il (guitar), Kim Hyeong Min (bass guitar), Heo Seong Eun (drum)
Producer Elly Eunji Jeon
For the artists of Modern Table life is all about rhythm; pulsing, beating, flowing, expanding and contracting and this was well reflected in the movement and the music throughout. The dance piece all started with a simple line: seven dancers all in black shirts and suits on a black stage and only made visible by the most economic golden glow of light (by Kim Jae-Duk) giving warmth and humanity to the otherwise bleak bodies. The simplicity and internal focus of the dancers was mesmerising
London Box

June 21,22,23
Mossovet Theatre
1 h 5 min without intermission