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"Demons" (Demonis)

"Demons" (Demonis)
"Demons" (Demonis)

The "Comedians" is one of the best known and recognized theatre groups in Spain, which persists with a development of the traditions of Catalan culture. Two years ago it celebrated its 25th anniversary. The theatre began the revival of street life under Franco's dictatorship, when it was forbidden to speak and write in Catalan. The dictator Franco also prohibited street festivals in Catalonia. Nevertheless, the group got out in to the square. Actors were arrested by the police, performances stopped. However, the "Comedians' resisted, and lived until 1989 in a commune as a big family, creating their performances all together.

Nowadays the Spanish Royal Family admires their art. During the Olympics in Barcelona their theatre was entrusted with participation in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Peter Brook and Giorgio Strehler, Federico Fellini and Montserrat Caballe applauded their art.

In Moscow the group will show the performance "Demons", which has become a legend. The theatre has played it for twenty years in the most different corners of the globe, invariably collecting crowds of thousands of admiring spectators. "Demons" has received numerous prizes and awards. The overall list of all achievements of this theatre would fill a separate book. By the way, "Comedians" have their own publishing program, successfully selling in cooperation with state organizations.

The creators of "Demons" describe the show they will bring to Moscow with these words: «At the heart of the production lies the ritual of a game with fire. An infernal night. The characters are spirits of fire. There is an element of seduction and eroticism of the fire itself. Characters in masks appear... fantastic animals. We shall try to change the common square that you see every day in Moscow. We hope that the spectators will follow the rhythms set by the drums. Then the fight between red and white will begin. The color red is a symbol of passion, of the heart; white stands for order and restriction. A fire will burn, as a fire has always been an indispensable attribute of a national holiday, of pleasure and life. We wish that people will join the festive spirit during our representation, that they will sing, dance, and enjoy life. All the actors, playing spirits of fire, gather on the square at the end of the performance: one actor will be lowered on a rope from above, another will jump up from some underground area, a third will emerge yet from somewhere else. The feast of game and fire on the square will turn into a general holiday atmosphere».

17 may
Tverskaya Square