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Doctor Stockman (Enemy of the people)

Doctor Stockman (Enemy of the people)

Doctor Stockman (Enemy of the people)
Doctor Stockman (Enemy of the people)
Director:Khoren Abramyan
Assistant Director:Karen Abramyan
Sets:Eugeni Sofronov
Music Arrangement :Armen Vardanyan, Varujan Galstyan
As Doctor Stockman :Khoren Abramyan

Premiered September 12, 1991 in Oslo

The Sundukyan State Drama Theatre’s production of “Doctor Stockman”, directed by Khoren Abramyan who also appeared as Doctor Stockman, became a spectacular success at the 2nd Ibsen Festival in Oslo in the Fall of 1991. The action of the play is set in a subterranean space against the background of sewerage pipes. Reviewers wrote that never before had Doctor Stockman been so sincere and open (“Dagbladet”, Sept. 15,1991). This production became eloquent of the exceptional profundity of director’s insight into this most complex play. Reviewer E. Straume, while acknowledging the artistic virtues of the production, also sensed certain social reminiscences in it. “Never before have we seen such a politically charged production”, wrote “Aftenposten”. Another Norwegian critic,. H. Fiermerus, wrote that this production “could be assessed as speaking about Yerevan, as well as about futility of struggle for truth and universal justice. In the final scene two screams die down. The first scream is Stockman’s, the second his son’s. We were frozen and... the house exploded with ovation and rapturous cheers...”

venue: Maxim Gorky Moscow Art Theatre