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Choreographers: Eun Mee Heo, Mee Young Chun
Set Prop Design: Eun Ah Jo
Performers: Sang Kyung Park. Nam Нее Hong, Bo Sung Kim, Hyung Bin Kang, Young Hwa Han. Lee Kie Ryung, Hong Sung Bok. Kim Moo Sung

The word DoodRock is derived from the Korean doo-d-ha-da, meaning 'smash' in relation to musical rhythm.

DoodRock is an intensive beat performance that heats up the stage, leaving the audience energized and exhilarated. It is a magnificent display of traditional and modern percussive skills combined with rock, jazz dance, mime and humour. Although based on age-old Korean rhythms. DoodRock is a crossover between Eastern and Western musical styles in a fusion of contemporary and classical sounds from both worlds.

July 19-22
Pushkin theatre