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Musical Theatre after Ernst Theodor Hoffmann

Schauspiel Stuttgart (Germany)
Director David Marton
Music direction, piano Stefan Shreiber
Set and costume design Christian Friedländer
Light Henning Streck
Sound Daniel Dorsch

Presented in German with Russian subtitles

Marton is telling no story. He uses Hoffmann’s romantic tales and Schuman’s music to explore the world of that period’s ideas.
David Marton shocks the public with his treatment of “The Doubles”. For him the period of Romanticism has become the time of fantastic escape fr om reality to the invented parallel worlds wh ere art and religion are married. Above all, the sound score of this production deserves to be ranked as a new genre of musical theatre.
Stuttgarter Nachrichten
Marton moves through the ecclesiastical and ideological world of the 19th century picking up and skillfully blending together various motifs. In the meantime he is balancing on the fine line between kitsch, nightmarish surrealism and psychological insight. <…> Marton created a brilliant ensemble of performers by turning singers into first-class dramatic actor.
Stuttgarter Zeitung

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July 1, 2, 3, 4
Pyotr Fomenko's Workshop Theatre
1 h 50 min without intermission