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Emanation of fatherhood

Emanation of fatherhood
Emanation of fatherhood
Directed: by Alexei Kuzhelny
Music: Mikhail Chemberzhi
Set design: Vladimir Karashevski
She:Larisa Kadyrova
He:Sergei Jigurda

The production of «Emanation of Fatherhood» is focused on the age-old dialogue between man and God. «Emanation...» was awarded with the 1st and 2nd class diplomas at the contest of the best theatre productions in Kiev in the 1993/1994 season. It had very good reviews in the press and was successfully presented in Holland. At the Aman Days International Theatre Festival in Jordan (April, 1995) the production was awarded the Golden Diploma.

The Suzirya theatre workshop is Ukraine's first engagement theatre with actors from eight companies in Kiev. Its repertoire features plays by Skovoroda, Shevchenko, Ukrainika, Chekhov, Sagan, Voinovitch, Mrozzeck. The company created a three-piece composition, based on the works of the playwrights who had also made names for themselves in politics: «The Interview» by W.Havel, «The Hungarian Medea» by A.Genz, «Emanation of Fatherhood» by K. Voityl (Pope John-Paul II).