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based on texts by Elias Canetti

Based on texts
By Elias Canetti
Directed By Heiner Goebbels
Music By Johann Sebastian Bach, Maurice Ravel, Dmitri Shostakovich, As Well As Heiner Goebbels, Alexei Mossolov, Vasili Lobanov And Other Modem Composers
Cast Andre Wilms And Mondriaan String Quartet (Amsterdarn, Netherlands)
This synthetic production is based on the philosophical works of the Nobel Prize winner, the Hungarian-born writer Elias Canetti. The distinguished German director Heiner Goebbels, the Frenchman and actor Andre Wilms the protagonist of the performance, and the well-known Mondriaan String Quartet fr om Amsterdam form the creative team. The title of  the show, which is even more difficult to write than to pronounce, means in the language of the Australian aborigines “Inspired with the desire for that, which is no longer”. According to the esteem expressed by the Swiss and German press, this original theatrical cocktail in which - apart from live music and a fine text there is also high technology – conquers the spectators’ hearts: “A performance of world level in which a completely new form of interaction between the musical bow and the word is presented, and wh ere string music is interwoven with the music of speech in the most mysterious manner, before a camera surprisingly organically interferes with this ensemble.
Deutsches Radio, April, 2004

HeinerGoebbels - Composer, director. Born in 1952 in Germany. Since 1972 he lives in Frankfurt/Main. He studied music and sociology: Since the late 1970s he writes music for drama and ballet performances. Under the creative influence of Heiner Muller he began directing. In the 70s and 80s he wrote music for cinema and for radio plays, and already in the late 80s he received orders for compositions for large orchestras; in the 90s he started to stage his own musical performances. Productions: ’Newton’s Casino’ (TAT, Germany, 1990; Paris, 1993) ’Surrogate Cities' (a 90-minute composition for an orchestra, Germany, 1993), The Repetition’ (La Reprise) and 'Black on White' (a play for eighteen musicians of the 'Modem Ensemble', 1996), 'Max Black' (1999), 'Hashirigaki' (2000) etc. Member of the German Academy of Fine Arts in Frankfurt/Main and the Academy of Arts in Berlin. Since April i999 he is professor at the Institute of Applied Theatrical Sciences (Germany). His productions 'Max Black' and 'Hashirigaki' (the latter was shown in Moscow in the context of the World Theatre Olympics in 2003) have toured Europe and visited many places across the oceans. Goebbels’s theatrical projects are attractive because of the freakish combination of original music and hi-tech, of magnificent acting and profound philosophical texts and, above all, because of the fact that beneath all this lies a very alive, human feeling. In 2001 Goebbles won the International Theatre Award 'New Reality' in Taormina.

Andre Wilms - well-known French theatre and film actor and director. He played in productions by Andre Engel, Jean-Pierre Vincent and others. He worked with Heiner Muller.

Mondriaan Quartet (Amsterdam) - a famous string quartet founded in 1982, which goes on tours worldwide and participates in large musical festivals. Many modern composers write music especially for this collective, which frequently takes part in performances, films and modern choreographic compositions.

June 3, 4, 5
Mossovet Theater