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Exit the king
Exit the king
Directed:Petru Vutkareu
Stage assisttfmt:Mikhai Fusu
Costume and scenery designer:Efim Elitse
Bills and playbills:Sandu Shkiopu
Berange I, the King:Petru Vutkareu
Queen Margaret, the first wife of the king:Alla Menshikova
Queen Mary, the second king's wife:Elena Kiojbash
Doctor, surgeon, hangman, astrologist, bacteriologist:Andrei Moshoi
Juliett, nurse, housekeeper:Mihaela Strimbjanu
Guard:Andrey Sokirke

The Ionesko Theatre was officially avowed in 1991. But in the very beginning the group of graduates of the Moscow Theatre Schukin College became the actors in Kishinev Theatre «Luchaferul» and very soon tried to create new theatre. The new theatre tried to connect Vakhtangov's traditions with the modern forms of the world theatre. They managed to win the hearts of local public and won several international awards — in 1993 in Brasov (Romania), in 1993 in Kair (Egypt), in 1994 in Sibiu (Romania)...