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Shimon Agnon


Director Maria Nemirovskaya
Set Design Ellt Weber
Music By Kurt Weill, Sergei Prokofiev, Avi Benjamin Is Used In The Show
Cast Eliana Schechter, Moise Shmuel

Maria Nemirovskaya graduated from the Leningrad Theatre Institute in 1982 before studying at the Kiev Conservatory. She worked as director of the theatre ‘Bouffe’. Since 1989 she lives and works in Israel. She teaches at Jerusalem University. She is the winner of the Jerusalem Prize of Arts in the section of theatre for 2002. Her principle of work is the translation of the literature into the language of theatre.

In the production Agnon's text, with the epistolar form of 20th-century European writing and archaic Hebrew, is combined with devices of 'visual theatre': masks, dummies, and a doll are the subjects of the game. The production was awarded with the first prize of the festival ‘Du-Aman’ (Tel Aviv).

А pearl of professional theatre. An excellent, original, poetical and touching show. Fine figurative decisions and accurate performance
Kot Hair
If Agnon himself would have had to chose a way of 'translation' for his story into the language of theatre he undoubtedly would have opted for such a solution which allows the fine symbolism of his story to be discovered and revealed

june 22, 23
Hermitage Theatre