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Director Elena Nevezhina
Set Design Vladimir Martirosov, Anastasia Glebova
Costume Design Svetlana Kalinina
Light Design Sergei Skornetsky
Music Alesia Mankovskaya
Assistant Director Liudmila Ulanova
Cast Elena Panova, Vitali Egorov, Pavel Ilyin, Denis Nikiforov, Dmitri Petrun, Alexei Usoltsev, Andrei Smolyakov, Alexei Grishin, Alexander Vorobiev, Yulia Polynskaya, Dasha Vorobieva, Dmitri Brodetsky, Sergei Ugriumov, Mikhail Khomiakov, Igor Petrov
"Flight" is a production of memoirs about our greatgrandfathers and great-grandmothers... The main thing in this performance is the current of life, its slow run. Not only people and concrete destinies are important, but the sensation of the externally convulsive, internally slow movement of life which carries somebody to Petersburg, somebody into a loop. After the performance you remember not separate roles and episodes, but the sensation of a whirlwind which ruffles people. And the feeling that you have glanced into an old photo album

may 27
Theatre Studio under the direction ot Oleg Tabakov