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Forgive me, my snow-white angel...

Forgive me, my snow-white angel...

Forgive me, my snow-white angel...
Forgive me, my snow-white angel...
Directed: by Anatoli Ivanov
Set design: Larisa Nagolova, Mikhail Kurchenko
Music: Anatoli Ivanov
Anna Voinitseva, young general's widow:L. Kravtsova
Sergei Voinitsev, son of the general from the first marriage:V. Potanin
Sofia, his wife:N. Ivanova
Porfiri Glagolev:V. Sokolov
Kirill Glagolev, his son:A. Torgov
Gerasim Petrin:M. Stepanenko, V. Shirchenko
Pavel Scerbuk:E. Smirnov
Maria Grekova:O. Rybnikova
Triletski, colonel:B. Krachkovski
Nikolai Triletski, his son, a young doctor:S. Karpov
Abram Vengerovitch, a wealthy Jew:A. Gladnev
Isaak Vengerovitch, his son, a student:V. Bukhtoyarov
Timofei Bugrov, a merchant:V. Korchagin
Mikhail Platonov, teacher:E. Malishevski
Alexandra (Sasha), his wife, Col. Triletski's daughter:T. Krasnopolskaya
Katya, the maid:Y. Gladysheva

The production «Forgive me, my snow - white angel...» («Father Lessness») was presented at theatre festivals in Orel, Taganrog, Ryazan. Innovative scenic interpretation of early Chekhov and the brilliant ensemble of actors are considered the greatest virtues of this production.

Culture, tradition, incredible actors (look at their faces, hear them speak!), combined with exceptional sensitivity of the director, result in brilliant and highly emotional interpretation of Chekhov’s early and rather cumbersome play that has been seldom staged...
Marina Murzina, Ekran i Scena
The Voronezh production of this early and essentially pre-Chekhovian play is truly captivating, thanks to the elegant musical score of their action.
Nikolai Zhegin, Nezavisimaya Gazeta
The production of «Forgive Me, My Snow-White Angel»... is very beautiful, very spectacular and very musical. It is the journey from the present day to the last century of Russia's nobility. There is Russian life in it, Russian characters with their eternal inner conflicts. There is temptation and challenge...
Julia Ryutina, Му i Vremya, Orel