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Director: Redbad Klynstra
Set Design: Magdalena Maciejewska
Music: Jacek Grudzien
Scenic movement: Bozena Klimczak
Light: Jacqueline Sobiszewski
Cast: Dorota Abbe, Krzysztof Boczkowski, Jakub Kamlenski, Piotr Lukawski, Krzysztof Zych and the DJ Patricia (from the group HUSKY)

'Games' tells a true story.

In 1994 a group rape of a 14-years girl happened in a kibbutz in Israel. The investigation lasted over several years. By the court's decision only 4 of the 11 accused were found guilty and sentenced. This caused a huge wave of protest and irritation.

In her play Edna Mazya shows not only how the rape happened, but also the court trial, during which - according to a law that ceased to be fair - the victim is raped once more, this time psychologically. The ambiguity of the border between the crime scene and the court room is emphasized by the fact that the actress playing the raped girl also plays the prosecutor, while the boys playing the rapists also play the defense lawyers.

June 7,8
Meyerhold cante