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Go and Stop the Progress (OBERIUty)

Go and Stop the Progress (OBERIUty)

Based on the works of A. Vvedensky, D. Kharms, N. Zabolotsky, A. Kruchenykh, N. Oleinikov.
Composition and Direction Yuri Liubimov.
Composer Vladimir Martynov
Cast Vladimir Cherniaev, Timur Badalbeili, Felix Antipov, Alexei Grabbe, Viktor Semenov, Larissa Maslova, Ivan Ryzhikov, Dmitri Vysotsky, Polina Nechitailo, Shota Gamisoniya, Alexandra Basova, Elizaveta Levashova, Maria Matveeva, Marina Khudiakova
Chorus Yuri Ardashev, Maria Akimenkova, Anna Bukatina, Maria Kirilkina, Igor Nevedrov, ElenaPosoyuznykh. The ensemble OPUS POSTH takes part in the production. Head of the ensemble: Tatiana Grindenko

Yuri Liubimov was born in 1917. Fr om 1934-1936 studied at the 2nd studio of the Moscow Art Theatre, in 1940 graduated fr om School of the Vakhtangov Theatre. From 1941-46 he served in the NKVD Ensemble of Songs and Dance. After the demobilization he became actor at the Vakhtangov Theatre wh ere he played over 30 roles. He acted in over twenty films. His most outstanding work is a lead role A. Efros’s film 'Some words in Honour of Monsieur de Moliere'. He taught at the Shchukin Theatre School, wh ere in 1963 he staged, with the students of his course, Brecht’s ‘Good Person of Szechwan', which opened Theatre of Drama and Comedy on Taganka on 23 April 1964. He directed over 50 productions at the Taganka Theatre. Among his productions at the Taganka: John Reed's "Tfen Days That Shook the World', The Fallen and the Living’, Brecht’s 'Life of Galileo', Esenin's 'Pugachev', Mozhaev's 'Fedor Kuzkin', Moliere’s Tartuffe', Boris Vasiliev’s ‘And Quiet are the Dawns...’, Shakespeare's ‘Hamlet’, Yu. Trifonov's The Exchange’, ‘House on the Embankment’, Bulgakov’s ‘Master and Margarita’, Theatrical Novel’, Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’, Trifonov's, Chekhov’s Three Sisters', ‘Vladimir Vysotsky’, A. Pushkin's ‘Boris Godunov’, ‘Eugene Onegin’. Erdman’s The Suicide’, B. Pasternak’s 'Zhivago', Euripides’s ‘Medea’, Weiss's ‘Marat/Sade’, 'Before and After' (Poetry of the Silver Age), ‘Go and Stop the Progress’ (OBERIU). From 1983-88 Liubimov lived in forced emigration (from 1984-89 was stripped of his Soviet citizenship). He successfully worked a lot abroad. In total he directed 25 opera and 20 drama productions. At the Taganka Theatre three generations of Liubimov’s students work together. He conducts seminars and workshops abroad. He teaches at RATI. He is the winner of the USSR State Prize, the State Prize of Russia etc.

Our show is about that which we could, not hear at its time. We do not mourn over the simple, terrible and subtle destiny of Vvedensky and Kharms. We mourn over the insufficiency of our participation in this destiny. Reflecting about the life of these wanderers, ‘executed at an unknown place and date', we do not ask whom the bell calls. We know perfectly well that it calls us.
Creators of the production

June 7, July 14
Taganka Theatre of Drama and Comedy