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William Shakespeare


Director Dmitri Krymov
Costume Design Olga Polikarpova
Light Design Alexander Lando
Music Yuri Laptenko
Tricks Andrei Shchukin
Assistant Director Elena Komarova
Cast Valery Garkaiin, Nikolay Volkov, Tatyana Lavrova. Nina Firsova, Boris Romanov, Mark Geikhman, Yury Nitontov. Irina Grineva, Artem Kretov, Sergey Pinchuk, Alexander Miloserdov, Alexander Andrienko.
The "text" of "Hamlet" is of the kind of things that is similar to a conjectural table, tn a black on white grid of replies, like in a white on black network of cracks on a bone charred in a flame, everyone sees his own vision. In the laconic, very constrained black-and-white performance new meanings of the lines and monologues appear. They are interesting to consider
Novava gazeta

May 21, June 1
Stanislavsky Theatre