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An Odyssey for actors and puppets

Inner Landscapes

Compagnie Philippe Genty (France)

Inner Landscapes
Inner Landscapes

Created and directed By Philippe Genty
With participation of Mary Underwood
Music By Rene Aubry
WITH (PUPPETEER,DANCERS) Amador Atiga (Spane), Maja Bekken (Norway), Balazs Jerger (Hungary), Scott Koehler (Australia), Simon Rann (Australia), Madeleine Fredstad Roseth (Norway)
Asisstants director Eric Lambla De Sarria And Nancy Rusek
Constructions, puppets and props Air Et Toiles Concept (ATS), Carole Allemand, Delphine Cerf, Sophie Coeffic, Edwige Deygout, Remain Duverne, Sylvie Gubinski, Emmanuel Laborde, Juliette Nozieres, Sebastien Puech, Vincent Ruz And Louise Yribarren
Costumes, dresses and props Annick Baudelin, Isabelle Boiton, Nousch Ruellan, Severine Thiebault, Fabienne Touzi Surnamed Terzi And Inge Zorn Gauthier
Lighting design and production direction Thierry Caperan
Video images Jean Luc Tourne
Technical direction on tour and lighting engineer Christophe Chaupin
Special effects and stage direction Didier Carlier, Christophe Roch And Jean Luc Tourne Or Alternatively Patrick Muzard
Video and sound direction Emmanuel Ramaux
Through images I speculate, from dreams to metaphors, and ridiculous humour. Inner Landscapes is a journey.
A journey of a man who, through images, puppets, dance and music, shares with us images from his inside journey, of a world mixed with the sublime, terrifying and poetical.
When Actes Sud published two years ago my personal odyssey, I decided to give substance and images to a life achievement.
It is a virtual poem for actors and puppets at the crossroads of my dreams, my travels and my fantasies...
Philippe, Genty
The Culture House in Nevers opened spectacularly with the last premiere if Philip Genty’s company Inner Landscape. The performance is ajourney, both imagined and real. It is a search undertaken by the artists with an exceptionally well-developed sense of beauty. His mission is to take the audience to an incredibly beautiful world. The music, the lights, the actors, the marionettes, the fabulous sets - all the components of the performance are instrumental in making this day-dream all the more beautiful. The borderline between reality and imagination is rubbed out. The video projections and the moving sets plunge the audience into a surreal landscape, opening the enchanting spectacle which is akin to opening the book in which the connoisseurs find references to Genty’s earlier works.
This performance is a superb visual delight. One can find himself inside his most sacred dreams. It is a quintessence of poetry creating a visual harmony that leads the audience to the domain of chimeras and metaphors.
The stage itself is not immobile. It is one of the characters and a means of expression, a living entity interacting with the performers and offering them an endless succession of emergences and disappearances. Inner Landscape is a true Odyssey or a poetic journey advanced by masterful actors and wondrous machinery. The audience is absolutely enraptured by the opportunity to see the premiere of Inner Landscapes.
Christine Vencent

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June 5,6,7,8,9
Mossovet theatre