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Direction and set desing: By Pharykli Kasim
Gushtosp, tsar of Iran:Salohiddini Alisoda
Isfandier, Gushtosp's son:Nosemi Davlat
Rustam, ruler of Seston:Pharykli Kasim
Katojun, princess of Iran:Sabokat Kasim
Dastoni Sol, Rustam's father:Ilubon Salikhov, Salohiddini Alisoda
Djomosp, chief priest:Davlat Ubaiduloev
Bashutan, Isfandiers brother:Haidar Rabiev
Faromars, Rustams son:Kurban Hamidov
Zavora, Rustams brother:Sadullo Naimov
Choir:Davlati Ubaidullo, Abdumumini Sharif, Imarthudoi Amrikhudo, Daslati Nasere
In the mass scenes:Actors Of The Theatre

Prince Isfandier was the hero who disseminated the teaching of Zoroastra among the peoples. Several times he saved Iran and his fathers throne from invading enemies. He came back to home accomplished a lot of great deeds. He hopes that his father will make food his promise to devolve the throne to Isfandier. Tsar Gushtosp knows that his son is bent on power. And he asks the great magician to see the future of Isfandier. The Magician discovers that the princes death is in the powerful hands of old hero Rustam. As the last step in the way to throne tsar demands Isfandier to win the single combat with great Rustam, cord and bring him to the tsar. Isfandier is full of anger and despair. Rustam is the great hero of ancient tales, he was the defender of Iran in former times, he is the teacher and example for everyone! But the will of Gushtosp is immovable, that is the binding condition. Isfandier has to submit. But he understood the fathers plan. Isfandier's mother execrates throne and the people ready to kill each other for power. Isfandier tries to overcome his bad fortune, but he just finds his death.