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Ju Percussion Group

Concert Performance

Ju Percussion Group
Ju Percussion Group
Participants Ju Kwong Chung, Cheng Ui Xung. Tu Ya Traib, Toshimitu Tanaka, Chung Kun Xung, Mark Ford, Aurel Hollo, Thomas A. Braun

Tsong Ching Ju trained in the National Academy of Arts of Taiwan and has continued studying percussion under Walter Feigel and Richard Hochrainer, the former main percussionist of the Wiener Philharmoniker, at the Viennese Music Academy. Ju has received the diploma of the musician - percussionist in 1982. After returning to Taiwan Ju has been the main percussionist in the Taiwan Symphonic Orchestra. He created the first Taiwan percussion ensemble Ju Percussion Group in January 1986. Three years later he created the Ju Percussion Group Fund for administrative purposes. In 1992 Ju created the Percussion Academy, the first educational system which has seriously influenced the development of percussion art on Taiwan. In 1994 he began the next project, a Chinese Traditional Percussion Centre, whose purpose is the preservation of traditions of percussion music. In 1998 he launched ‘Arts Sold', a magazine for the propaganda of percussion art and music. In January 2002 he again addressed the system of vocational training, and the musical centre is received the name ‘Ju Percussion Group Musical School’. In 1998-99 he was member of the Board of the Society of Percussion Arts. From 1997-2000 he was chairman and artistic director of the International Forum of Percussion of Taipei and of the International Summer Camp of Percussionists of Taipei. At present he is the general director of the National Kiang Kai Shek Cultural Centre ROK, the National Theatre, the National Concert Hall of Taiwan, and also professor of Musical of the National University of Arts in Taipei. In 1988 Tsong Ching Ju was named one of the ten most outstanding young people of Taiwan. In 2000 he was awarded the National Prize in Art by the Fund of National Culture and Art.

Ju Percussion Group Was founded in January 1986. Ju Percussion Group became the first percussion ensemble of Taiwan. The group consists of 11 percussionists and one composer. All the musicians play on western percussion instruments, and also on Chinese gong drums. The group gives more than 100 concerts per year; including master-classes and seminars. From the moment of foundation the group has performed in Asia, Europe and America. Since 1993 it met with leading percussion ensembles of the United States, Japan, Korea, France, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Australia and Holland on International Forums of Percussionists on Taipei. The Ju Percussionist Ju were invited to perform on the International Forum of Percussion Arts in Dallas (Texas) in November 2000. Since 2001 the group has cooperated with the world famous company Le Percussion de Strasbourg (France). The group has released 15 disks. Two of them were awarded with the prize ‘Golden Tripod’ («Let the Fire Burn» for the best production of 1988 and «Impacts of the Mountain» for the best musical publication of 1990). The group has repeatedly won the prize ‘Golden Melody', a king of Grammy of Taiwan.

The rhythms of the drums, alternating with sounds of wooden sticks and metal cymbals penetrate deeply into soul of listeners, triggering the memory of a deep past. The group consists of nine performers, and was rewarded with long, repeated standing ovations and applause
China Post
The young musicians from the Percussion Group banged, clapped, shouted and clapped in their hands during all the six numbers. They conduct a direct dialogue, with cunning reduced to a minimum. Marimbas, xylophones and some drums are of Western origin, but the uniting force was the tremendous energy of the muscles produced at each impact. Drumbeat, despite carefully developed rhythmic figures, becomes something personal, some kind of catharsis for the cleansing of the souls and bodies from the poison at the end of any working day
New York Times

Maly Theatre
July 04, 05