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K.I. from «Crime»

K.I. from «Crime»
K.I. from «Crime»
Based on «Crime and Punishment» by Fyodor Dostoevsky New stage. Games in the White room.
The production: Каma Ginkas
Katerina Ivanovna: Oksana Mysina
With participation of: Olia, Oleg and Ania Raevs

Shadow of madness constantly follows Dostoevsky's characters. Kama Ginkas has revealed a new aspect of madness: he comprehended it not as a reckoning for sins, not as a crash of a proud intellect, but as a result of the soul's numbness. Exhaustion of the soul results in bitterness of the feelings, leading to progressive destruction of the soul's bonds with the world. Love, tenderness, sympathy, these tender, delicate feelings are the first to dye out. Spite lives longer and so does hate. But they also spend themselves. Like a broken record the same phrase, the same thought is repeated. And madness is watching for its victim in this abyss. Not Ophelia's poetic madness full of songs and flowers but a mocking face with a twisted mouth and empty eyes. Katerina Ivanovna performed by Oksana Mysina balances on an unsteady bridge between a human being and a monster.

Director Kama Ginkas is keen on investigation  of the nature of human consciousness; he studies its traps and abysses, its limitations and possibilities, its temptations, falls and mental breaking points. More and more often his productions remind of laboratory experiments, where the utmost intimacy of touching the exanimated object goes with the utmost indifference. In our theatre Ginkas plays the part of stalker, discovering and exploring new zones; later they turn to be the zones of development.
Olga Egoshina, The Moscow Observer

Russia. The Youth Theatre. Moscow