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Kabale und liebe

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Kabale und liebe
Kabale und liebe
Sets: Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili
Music: David Turiashvili
Choreography:Shota Skhirtladze
Assistant director: Varvara Shabalina


“Kabale und Liebe”, the inspired production of Temur Chkheidze, designer Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili and the brilliant ensemble of actors was premiered October 6, 1990.

Without trying to make Schiller’s “philistine drama” more contemporary than it should be, the director still managed to create an excellent piece of modern theatre, portraying the world in which perfidy and love are inseparable, the world, living according to the rules, that make impossible the triumph of good over evil. But love is beautiful and elevated, it cannot be destroyed because it leads to God. Louise and Ferdinand die, but they win morally. Their death made nobody happy, even Wurm who in Chkheidze’s interpretation is truly in love with Louise. Love is the poetics of this production and it shines to all.

The action is fast and lives of characters are inseparably interconnected. Many things happen at one and the same moment and everything moves toward the tragic denouement. And suddenly something like catharsis happens, when we can’t but feel great sorrow for Louise and Ferdinand, and not only for them.

4,5 october
venue: Mossovet Theatre