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«L.O.V.E.» is аn attempt to bring together two halves of our culture: the classics and the modernity. There are two major forces in the production: modern dance and «physical theatre» of Nigell Charnock, whose debut as director took place at Volcano. The style of the production is an antithesis to the classics, whereas at the core of the text are the outstanding pieces of classical English poetry.

«L.O.V.E.» is the craving for unification, the loss of self, the confluence of the opposites, the triumph of carnal love

«L.O.V.E.» is an attempt to revive romanticism in the 20th century

«L.O.V.E.» is the next work of the «Volcano Company» after the world- famous «Medea»: the War of Sexes, that was performed more than a hundred times in England, Hong-Kong, Czechoslovakia, Greece and Ireland

«L.O.V.E.» is а dance piece, a manifesto of passion, faith, despair and temptation. Shakespeare's 154 sonnets are veiled in mystery and abound in contradictions. We are trying to explore these mysteries: heterosexual and bisexual love, jealousy, temptation, the dying of love...