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L'Oratorio d'Aurelia

L'Oratorio d'Aurelia
L'Oratorio d'Aurelia
Compagnie des Petites Heures (Paris, France)
Light design Laura De Bernardis, Philippe Lacombe
Costumes Jacques Perdiquez, Veronique Grand, Monika Schwarzl, Victoria Thierree-Chapline
Performers Aurelia Thierre, Jaime Martinez
Technical direction Gerd Walter
Sound Nasser Hammadi
Light Roberto Riegert, Thomas Dobruszkes
Puppets manipulation Antonia Paradiso, Tamara Prieto, Monika Schwarzl
Tour Manager Didier Bendel
Photographer Richard Haughton
Victoria and Aurelia Thierree’s production is classed among those that can be recommended to any kind of person, regardless of age, nationality or aesthetic preferences. In terms of genre “L'Oratorio d'Aurelia” belongs to the so called ‘New Circus” which is a synthesis of drama, “physical” and puppet theatres, circus illusion, rather rude farce, the traditional pantomime and some indefinable madness that in point of fact is precisely what distinguishes the modern theatre fr om all others”
Roman Dolzhansky, Circus according to Chaplin, Kommersant
This is a phantasmagoric show blending together mastership, dexterity and elegance, bold daydreaming and burlesque. It features incredibly subtle physique, precision of gesture and an ocean of fantasy. “L'Oratorio d'Aurelia” abounds in profound lyricism and dramatic tensions. In the middle of this ocean is Aurelia, always troubled and incessantly longing for something…
One can’t help falling under the spell of this character. Her precipitance, deftness and the extraordinary ability to vanish are just stunning…
Emirantienne Duborg, La Terrace, January 2006
Inherent in her (Aurelia) is distinctive melancholy. She blends herself with the weird time/space universe wh ere matter remains alive, elusive and invasive…
Figaroscope, January 2006 

June 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27
Pushkin Theatre
1h 15min without intermission