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La Vie
La Vie
The 7 Fingers /Les 7 doigts de la main (Montreal, Canada)
Artistic direction LES 7 DOIGTS DE LA MAIN Shana Caroll, Isabelle Chasse, Patrick Leonard, Faon Shane, Gypsy Snider, Sebastien Soldevila, Samuel Tetreault
On stage Sebastien Soldevila, Shana Caroll, Samuel Tetreault, Patrick Leonard, Isabelle Chasse, Faon Shane, Emilie Bonnavaud, Dj Pocket
Lighting designer Nol Van Genuchten
Technical Director Yves Touchette
Rigging Laval Dufour, Peter Wellngton
Costume designer Manon Desmarais
Set Design and Props Stephane Beauchet, Flavia Hevia, Bruno Tasse
Set construction Peter Wellington
Teacher choreographer quatuor Tango Benoit Leduc
Arrangements and original music Raphael Cruz, Dj Pocket, Sebastien Soldevil
Documentary Filming Ben Philippi
Illuminated Hand Balancing cane Jocelyn Legault, Benoit Courtemanche, Yvan Trudel, Gil Denis
Executive Director Nassib El Husseini
Development and booking Tina Diab
Finance & Public Affairs
Lynne Ter Metz
Human Ressources Mark Arsenault
Production Manager Nol Van Genuchten
Operation Coordination Fanny Perret
Communications Marion Bellin
Production coordinator Max Engler
Thanks to MAECI, CALQ, Theatre sans Fil, Dino Bartolini, Catherine Viens, Dany Fillion, 
Magasin Rossetti
La Vie, by Montreal-based troupe Les 7 Doigts de la Main, resists the segmentation. Then again, a catalogue heading of “darkly comic cabaret drama circus musical theatre ballet” would be a little unwieldy, still leave out several key performance elements, and probably only have the one entry. Let's just call it fun. Enormous fun. La Vie is a great grownup's night out. The performers give their all in high energy performances, and they, like the audience seem to be having a wonderful time
Alison Little – Arts Festival Review: La Vie – 2008, February 25
La Vie is the brainchild of Les 7 Doigts de la Main, a talented group of contortionists who combine magic and comedy, dance and live-singing. It all amounts to a variety show that should prove fun for any adult audience. The performers are amazing – dive-rolling across the stage, balancing with one hand on the shoulders of fellow performers, suspended from the ceiling, twirling in chains, juggling diabolo and swapping tricks in the middle of an act – there is so much to take in and it is constantly spellbinding
Simon Sweetman - «The Dominion Post», 2008, 25 February
A high-flying, erotic reverie called “La Vie”... Watching these lost souls embody the fiery glories of death, redemption, and sex is an experience considerably closer to Heaven
Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway Off,, 2007, July 10 
July 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Meyerhold Centre
1 h 40 min with intrmission