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Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company 

The Drishtikon Dance Foundation (India)

Part I 


Concept and choreography – ADITI MANGALDAS 

Dramaturge – Farooq Chaudhry 

Mentor – Morag Deyes 

Stage design – Manish Kansara 

Light design – Fabiana Piccioli 

Music composition (recorded) – Sajid Akbar 

Composer and performer (live music) – Drishtikon Repertory 

Costume design – Kimie Nakano 

Costume realisation – Sandhia Raman 

Production: Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company – Drishticon Dens Foundation 

Part II 


Choreography – ADITI MANGALDAS

The term for the traditional Indian dance form, Kathak, is derived from the Vedic Sanskrit word Katha which means "story", and Kathakar which means "the one who tells a story". In this sense, Aditi Mangaldas is a true “master of eloquence”, although, unlike most classical Indian performers, she is not a hereditary dancer. In India she is justly acknowledged as a star of Kathak, but also as a maverick. Having perfectly mastered the technique of this ancient, highly complicated and impressive style under the direction of two gurus of Indian choreography, Aditi moved onwards and decided that she had something to say in her own right. This resulted in several productions in the style of contemporary dance based on Kathak. One of these, Life Inter_Rupted is a story of a journey in search of an answer: can we perceive the space within ourselves as well as we perceive it outside? The second part of the show, Life Celebrated, presents the traditional Kathak at its most virtuosic and most brilliant, which literally astonishes our imagination.

“Traditional or contemporary... there has never been a contradiction between the two in my mind. I look at the ancient dance form of kathak with a modern mind. … I believe that kathak is not a tether that holds me back, but a deep root from which I draw the strength to grow, to explore new forms, and use the past to create a language of the future.”

Aditi Mangaldas

2 video
September 7, 8, 9
Mossovet Theatre
2 hours with intermission