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by Sultan Raev and Barzu Abdurazzokov

Long Way to Mecca

A Parable-Drama

Long Way to Mecca
Long Way to Mecca
State Youth Theatre «Uchur» (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
Director Barzu Abdurazokov (tadjikistan)
Set Designer Sadyr Niyazakunov
Music Azat Dootkulov
Make-up Baktygul Asanova
Costumes A.koichumanova, C.tokonova
Performed by Ulan Zainidin
Emperor Ulan Zainidin
An Old Lady Baktygul Asanova
A Girl Kyal Torogulova
A Man Nurdoolot Kopoev
A Boy Tendik Mamatkaziev
Shadow Medin Uchukeev
Poet Chyngyz Mamaev

First night: April 5 and 6, 2008

This is no doubt a profoundly philosophic work. A highly emotional and an exceptionally vigorous performance. But the audience needs to be prepared to perceive this kind of theatre. It is certainly absolutely unique and it needs to be seen more than once...
We live in the empire of immorality and we consider ourselves the emperors in this immoral world. And we want to be cleansed, for instance by way of taking a pilgrimage to Mecca. But it is our hearts that ought to be cleansed in the first place. It should be a pilgrimage from heart to heart, from person to person… We need to understand each other and grasp the philosophy of the present day. Life is an instant. In this production they wished to make this instant freeze
From an interview with Chingis Aitmatov
July 8, 9, 10
Mossovet Theatre, Stage under the Roof
1 h 35 min without intermission