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Victor Hugo

Lucrezia Borgia


Lucrezia Borgia
Lucrezia Borgia
Presented in French with Russian subtitles

Direction Denis Podalydls
Scenography Eric Ruf
Costumes Christian Lacroix
Lighting Stephanie Daniel
Sound Bernard Vallery
Make up and special effects Dominique Coiladant
Masks Louis Arene
Choreographic work Kaori Ito
Assistant Director Alison Hornus
Assistants make up Laurence Aue Et Muriel Baurens
PERFORMERS Eric Ruf, Thierry Hancisse, Elsa Lepoivre, Serge Bagdassarian, Jeremy Lopez, Clement Hervieu Leger, Nazim Boudjenah, Elliot Jenicot, Benjamin Lavernhe, Claire de La Rue du Can, Gael Kamilindi et Penelope Avril, Vanessa Bile Audouard, Theo Comby Lemaitre, Marianna Grand
Societaire de la Coinedie-Francaise, Denis Podalydes came up with an original and very dark production. In the meantime, he remained faithful to the spirit of Victor Hugo’s original play.
The troubled sky with heavy clouds and pearly light gaps lights up and at the same time darkens the stage. This theatrical sky created by Eric Ruf who as an artist was inspired by Victor Hugo’s ink drawings and water colors and as a set designer was fascinated with the architecture of dreams, in the best way possible conveys the essential message of Denis Podalydes’s production.
The dim lights designed by Stephanie Daniel, Christian Lacroix’s fantastic costumes gleaming with all shades of black, the only exception being the scarlet dress of Duchess Negroni ... The music and other sounds blended together by Bernard Vallery ring about like at a funeral in harmony and amidst the deafening chaos.
When the curtain rises we see a gondola that looks like a catafalque in the middle of a lagoon surrounded by bristled up stakes. We are in Venice but these stakes move also to Ferrara like the aggressive symbols of the hostile world where danger is permanent and death is insatiable.
Every member of the audience has his own interpretation of this dramatic intrigue, reinforced by the immense visual power of Victor Hugo who weaves together this grotesque and splendid performance.
Le Figaro Magazine

June 21,22,23,24
Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre
2 h 10 min without intermission