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Macaluso Sisters (Le Sorelle Macaluso)

Macaluso Sisters (Le Sorelle Macaluso)

Macaluso Sisters (Le Sorelle Macaluso)
Macaluso Sisters (Le Sorelle Macaluso)
Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale (Italy)
Text, Direction, Sets and Costumes Emma Dante
Light Cristian Zucaro
Armors Gaetano Lo Monaco Celano
Director’s assistant Daniela Gusmano

Presented in Italian with Russian subtitles

The Macaluso Sisters” recounts a very simple story (probably a true one although Emma Dante doesn’t confirm it). It is about a family whose tragedy has become part and parcel of the day-by-day existence (…) Such is Emma Dante’s theatre: with the help of brilliant actresses who strictly speaking are not actresses and in the absence of the traditional scenic instruments she manages to convincingly convey one of the
principle senses, i.e. the sense of living.
Le Monde
Are Macaluso sisters a clan of women fr om Sicily? They are more like the illtempered city girls from the movie “Brutti, Sporche e Cattivi” (“Disgusting, Dirty and Mean”). Katya, Pinuccia, Lia, Antonella, Maria and Gina are laughing, fighting and uttering profanities. A foul pet in the absence of love, and limping old spinster…
Each of them reveals herself in various situations and conversations. Emma Dante swamps us into a genuine Sicilian sisterhood wh ere family ties come first, traditions are still cultivated and people are constrained by religion <…> 
The lethal hike, the strokes of fate, the ghastly childhood… - all these are seething on stage. Like in the Greek tragedy the chorus of women tells us about the greatness and misery of human existence. Almost all through the play the actresses are lining up facing the audience. And we sense their pulsations. Their bodies tell us whetherthey accept the crooks in their lots or enjoy living. We are in close contact, lacking any adornments or effects. Their dance is elevating. Such a rich acting is quite rarely found in modern theatre.
Les Trois

Production: Teatro Stabile di Napoli, Théâtre National/Bruxelles, Festival d’Avignon, Folkteatern Göteborg
In collaboration with Atto Unico, Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale
In partnership with Teatrul National Radu Stanca – Sibiu

1 video
June 8, 9, 10
Pushkin Theatre
1h 10 min without intermission