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Translate: by Robert Sturua, Lili Popkhadze
Directed: by Robert Sturua
Set design: Mirian Shvelidze
Choreography: Gia Margania
Assistant director: Gia Hajalia
Duncan, the king of Scotland Steward, earl of Northumberland and warrior for England, Old man:David Papuashvili
Malcolm:Timur Chichinadze
Donalbane:David Iashvili
Macbeth:Zaza Papuashvili
Banco:Levan Berikashvili
Macduff:Malkhaz Kvrivishvili
Lenox:David Uplisashvili
Ross:Soso Lagidze
Engus:Guram Mgaloblishvili
Flians, Banco's son, Macduffs son:David Iashvili
Siton, officer:Levan Berikashvili
Doctor:Vano Gogitidze
Footman:Gela Lezhava
Lady Macbeth, Gecata:Nino Kasradze
Lady Macduff:Lela Alibegashvili
First witch:Guram Sagaradze
Second witch:Jemal Gaganidze
Third witch:Georgi Gekechltori
Murderers:Leri Gaprindashvili, Tristan Saralidze
Soldier:Malkhaz Kvrivishvili
Macbeth's servant:Iraqli Kavsadze
Soldiers:Zaza Baratashvili, Leri Gaprindashvili, Tengiz Giorgadze, Vano Gogitidze, Iraqli Kavsadze, Mamuka Loria, Gela Otarishvili, Tristan Saralidze
From Shakespeare's point of view seizing a crown is an immoral act, from Sturua's it is a savage amusement. Everybody is engaged in the murderous game...
Sturua has Brechticized everything that could be Brechticized in Shakespeare. And there was a lot of material for such interpretations, although Brecht's hypnotism came to naught back in the seventies. Therefore Sturua is the post-Brechtian theatre. He cannot manage without commentaries, speaking out everything to the last full stop. He uses Shakespeare's pieces to make a sarcastic boy who reads the story of Macbeth and activates his imagination.
Yelena Gorfunkel, The Moscow Observer: