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Directed: By Kama Ginkas
Designed: By Sergei Barkhin
Cast: Anna-Elina Luutikianen (Lady Macbeth), Santiern Kinnunen (Macbeth). Other parts played by members of the cast

Kama Ginkas, director, was born in 1941. He graduated fr om Georgy Tovstonogov's directing class at the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema in 1967, at which time he made professional debut in Riga, Latvia. For two years he headed the Young Spectators' Theatre in Krasnoyarsk (Hamlet by Shakespeare, 451°Fahrenheit by R. Bradbery) before returning again to Leningrad. Ginkas has worked in Moscow since 1981. Productions there include Nina Pavlova's Club Car, Alexander Galin's The Toastmaster (both at the Moscow Art Theatre), Sergei Kokovkin's Five Corners, Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler (both at the State Institute of Theatrical Arts, now known as the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts). Since 1988 Ginkas has worked in Moscow exclusively at the Young Spectators' Theatre wh ere he has staged Memoirs from Underground, We Play «Crime», K.l. from «Crime» (all based on works by Fyodor Dostoyevsky) and his own dramatization, The Execution of the Decembrists. Kama Ginkas was awarded with Crystal Tourandot as the best Director—1995 from K.l. from «Crime».

He was nominated for the National «Golden Mask»—1995 for K.l. from «Crime» and 1996 for The Execution of the Decembrists. Ginkas's productions have taken part in international theatre festivals in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Yugoslavia, Turkey and other countries.

16,17 May
Central Army Theatre