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Ricardo Curaqueo Dance Company (Chile)

Director – Ricardo Curaqueo Curiche

In the language of the Mapuche malen refers to young girls who begin to learn and inherit their skills from women of advanced age. This very dialogue of generations is being brought on stage by the Chilean choreographer and dancer Ricardo Curaqueo, who makes use of contemporary dance and sixteen female performers aged between 10 and 70. This encounter of women of different age, in addition to the Mapuche poetical legacy, aims to enhance the significance of this ethnic group today. This contemporary work is at once a reconstruction, and an attempt to restore the life and culture of the Mapuche. Women and children here are the main inspirations behind all activities and creative efforts. Malen invites us to consider the realities of the Mapuche at present, to discard prejudices in relation to them, and to bridge the gap in understanding by means of dance. In other words, to see Malen is to appreciate the dance of the Mapuche.

This show was voted the Best Chilean Dance Act by the Chilean Circle of Art Critics in 2017

©Felipe Gamboa, Patricio Melo

June 20, 21, 22
«The School of Dramatic Art» Moscow Theatre (Meyerhold Stage on Novoslobodskaya str.)
Duration: 1 hour