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Malevo Dance Company (Argentina)

Director, choreographer – Matías Jaime 

MALEVO - the «South American Sensation», «Cultural Ambassador of the National Identity of Argentina» as named in media – is the dance company created by director, choreographer, and dancer Matías Jaime. The Company has reenvisioned the Argentine dance of Malambo; taking what is a traditional Argentinian folkloric dance performed originally by Gauchos of the Pampas region and elevating it to a modern, avant-garde, and transgressive vision. While maintaining the great virility and dexterity of Malambo, the Company has elevated this traditional dance by fusing its classic technique with other styles such as Flamenco, and incorporating live percussion onstage. When watching Malambo, what’s evident is the beauty, fluidity, strength, and sheer bravado of the dancers. Set to a pulsating rhythm of drums, the male dancers are preparing for a battle of complex rhythm and footwork. As the performance progresses, one may observe influences from seemingly disparate dance traditions and distant countries. A quick look at Argentina’s history and trade practices reveals that indeed the dance vocabularies that appear in the Malambo are no coincidence. «Malevo Extreme» is an exciting and dynamic show that not only pushes the Malambo style beyond its limits but gives audiences an extraordinary visual and sensory experience unlike any other.»

October 4 (19:00), October 5 (19:00), October 6 (19:00), October 7 (13:00,19:00), October 8 (19:00)
Mossovet Theatre
Duration: 90 minutes