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Мu Quei-lng
Мu Quei-lng
Director Li Hsiao Pin
Light Design Jun Hua Min
Cast Bei Hai Ming, Lu Hai Yuan, Teng Fen Hua, Teng Ching Hua, Cheng Yu Kwei, Lu Alexander, Lin Chao Hsu, Peng Hsiang Shin, Cheng Chi Ming, Cheng Chei Lin, Wang Ing Hua, Tsu Tsu Ai, Ma Pao Shen, Li Hsiao Pin, Wong Kwen Chiang, Peng Cham Keng, Wong Ju Chauo, Chen Chi Ming, Tsou Tsu Ai, Peng Chan Keng, Chen Chin Ho, Lu His Djuan. Li Chai Chi, Ho Ju Teng, Hsin Meng Chia, Tia Li Wu, Ho Ju Teng, Hen Meng Cha, Lin Chao Hsu, Tia Li Wu, Chen Chin Ho, Wong Yu Chaij, Peng Hsiang Shin, Peng Chan Keng, Chen Chin Ho, Ku Chang Liang, Tia Li Bu. Ma Pao Shan, Wong Yu Chao, Ku Chang Liang, Chang Chei Lin, Wong In Hua, Tsou Tsu Ai, Ku Chang Lang, Peng Hsiamg Shin
Musicians Li Chao, Hsu Ching Chi. Chen Chia Shan, Li Chao, Chen Pei Chin, Chen Chia Shan, Hsu Ching Chi, Chen Chia Shan, Chin Yen Long, Yu Hai Ming, Tsai Yung Ching, Liao Hui Chang

The first performances of the Chinese Opera on Taiwan were held in 1891. The performances were intended for a narrow circle of people, therefore the Chinese Opera did at first not spread widely on the island. The development of the Chinese Opera on Taiwan occurred during the sovereignty of Japan (1895-1945). At this time more than 60 troupes appeared, which came to Taiwan from Shanghai, Fujiani and Guandona. They have played a significant role in the further development of the Chinese Opera on the island. In due course each theatrical troupe developed its own style and prominent features of their performance. In July1995 the National Company of the Chinese Opera ‘Kio Kwang' was created, for which actors were selected from troupes of the Peking Opera from all the island. From the moment of the foundation Kio Kwang has aspired to overcome historical restrictions, relieving the monotony of the traditional manner of performance. The company has expanded the traditional repertoire and has created new outstanding works. All of them are created in the genre of lyrical classicism: The Phoenix's Headdress’, 'At Sixteen’ by Lu Wenlung, The History of a woman: a time interval' by Hua Mulan, 'Chung Kwei; and The Legend about the White Snake', 'Farewell, my captive' etc. Since 1996 the Company has carried out a creative exchange with troupes of the Peking opera of continental China. Kuo Kwang actively tours abroad. The theatre repeatedly took part in international theatre festivals of Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil. The French newspaper 'Figaro' has declared the performance 'King of Apes' of the Kuo Kwang Company the most popular performance of the Avignon Festival of 1998.

Li Siao Pin has graduated from the School of Dramatic Art of Lu Kuang. The Literary Association ROC has given him the title ‘Best director in the dramatic genre’. He has studied the art of directing and acting at the theatre ‘Minsin’. Li Siao Pin has created a special performing manner which combines styles of both traditional and modern theatre. Among his most recent works, which have tremendous success, are a Taiwan opera, a musical, a musical for children and experimental theatre. Currently he is the director of the National Company of the Chinese Opera Kuo Kuang. He acts as director of traditional plays, and organizes large festivals and youth actions.

june 03-07
Gorky Moscow Arts Theatre