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Miss Knife's Cabaret

Miss Knife's Cabaret
Miss Knife's Cabaret
Direction and songs:Olivier Py
Musical composition:Jean-Yves Rivaud
Costumes:Pierre-Andre Weitz
Singers:Olivier Py, Michel Fau, Elizabeth Mazev
Musicians:Jean-Yves Rivaud (piano), Christian Paccoud (accordion), Mathieu Dalle (bass), Pierre-Andre Weitz (tuba), Benjamin Ritter (percussions)
Olivier Py is highly gifted, with an appealing taste for rebellion, and a light sense of humor. Ideology is not his fancy. His obsessions? Violence, desire, God, theatre, and poetry...
Odile Quirot, «Le Nouvel Observateur»

7, 8 April
Central Army Theatre Small Stage