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Nelson Rodrigues

Boca De Ouro

Boca De Ouro
Boca De Ouro
Director: Jose Celso Martinez Correa
Set Design: Christian Cortilo
Sound: Fiorovante Almeida
Light: Stefan Wolf
Cast: Jose Celso Martinez Correa, Marcelo Drumond, Haroldo Ferrari, Camila Mota, Fransergio Araujo, Silvia Prado, Luciana Domschke, Ana Guillermina, Vadim Nikitin, Adao Filho, Auri Porto, Vera Barreto Leite, Elaine Cesar, Tommy Pietra

Mouth of gold is a play about how anger grasps the human soul. Its main character, a swindler with the nickname “Mouth of Gold”, sells lottery tickets and lives in a fortress in the vicinities of Rio de Janeiro. “Mouth of Gold” is the embodiment of evil. He is impregnable. He builds a coffin of gold. And it depends on him whether somebody will be lucky in life or not. He can give money as much as he can take lives. The only thing that is known about him is that he has false teeth, which he got from a dentist for big money when he was still young and only began his criminal activities. That is why he has the nickname “Mouth of Gold". Yes, the same “Mouth of Gold" of Dracula of Madureira who died recently. The Newspaper Sol has already sent its reporter to interview the former mistress of “Mouth of Gold”. What will she tell us? Who was “Mouth of Gold" really? A coward? A drunkard? An ulcer of a society? Or, maybe, he did not exist at all? How many corpses does he have on his conscience and why did he kill?

July 6,7,8
Pushkin Theatre