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Musical drama inspired by a Chinese poem The Ballad of Mulan


The percussion music theatre Ju Percussion Group in coproduction with Guo Guang Opera Company (Taiwan)

Honorary Head of the Group Kuang-Ching Lin
Artistic Director Tzong-Ching Ju
Director of Mulan Hsiao Pin Lee
Composer Chien-Hui Hung
Vice Director of Mulan Yuan-Cheng Sun
Set Designer Austin Mang-Chao Wang
Lighting Designer Dennis Ko-Chien Che
Costume Designer Wan-Lee Chen
Multi-Media Designer Ethan Wang
Scriptwriter Yen-Wei Cheng
Stage Manager Chung-Chun Lee
Performers Ju Percussion Group
Guo Guang Opera Company An-Li Chu, Yuan-Cheng Sun, Chen-Nan Kao
Administration Team Ju Percussion Group Foundation
The inimitable style of Ju Percussion Group uses the language of music to accentuate the international mode of communication, enriching it with cultural a stylistic distinctive features of Taiwan thereby creating an absolutely new kind of music.
Theatre, Herald
The accented rhythm is beating in unison of Mulan’s heart-beat.
Fortnight Bulletin
Mulan is a touching stoty of a daughter who became a soldier instead of her father. A distinguished feature of this musical performance is the language of percussions used in in and creating the inimitable style of the entire narrative.
Performing Aits Journal

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June 13,14,15
Mossovet theatre
1 h 30 min without intermission